Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi Friends!

I would like to share my experiences with you on earning Easy Money Online. Although there are many ways to earn online ,the easiest and laziest way of earning residual income using the Internet is Clicking advertisements. To do so you must get registered with a PTC Web Sites.

What is PTC ?

PTC stands for Paid To Click

How does it work?

PTC site owners maintain Websites to Display Advertisements. Displaying Adds are charged on a per click basis. The advertiser pays a charge to the PTC site owner for displaying his add for a agreed time frame (normally 30 seconds). When a visitor views the add using the PTC link it will be countered as a click. If the clicker (visitor) is a member of that site, will receive a portion of the money charged from the advertiser. This is called as Income Sharing. This amount will be $0.01 or a fraction of it.

You can become a member of any PTC site and earn money. But there are pit falls as anywhere else . Some PTC sites might not pay you the amount you earned by clicking adds . Those sites are black listed and labeled as scam sites. There are enough information about Scam Sites on the web where you can go through. My intention here is to introduce a good PTC Site helping you earn a good income without being scamed.

The PTC site I'm introducing to you is Neobux

About Neobux

Neobux is a revolutionary PTC (Paid To Click) program that have so many features not seen in any of the PTC programs before. Neobux started in April, 2008 introducing a brand new Instantly Cashout system whilst other PTC programs took 30-60 days for releasing a payment. Neobux also introduced a new income generating system for their members called Rent Referrals. With Rent Referrals system, Neobux guaranteed that all referrals are real, no BOT(dummy) on their program, using a real business strategy to make Neobux sustainable and be the leader on PTC Industry. Right now, more than 3 million members have joined Neobux in less than a year, and have been paid more than $10,000,000 to them instantly!

Neobux is treated as the World's Best PTC . This is the Big brother of all PTC sites. There are hundreds of good comments made by its members with payment proofs. Beleve me, I got my first payment within a second.

You also can earn in the same way as I earned. All what you have to do is to click on an add link and view it for about 30 seconds. Your account will be credited with $.01 .

You need to spend less than five minutes a day

You can click adds while reading your mails, browsing another site or doing anything else by keeping the PTC site opened.
For this matter I recommend Firefox browser because you can open many number of web pages in separate tabs.

The Key Factor of earning Click Income is ;


Otherwise you will not earn any income for that day and the Referral income for the following day.

At the beginning you might feel that $0.04 a day is not enough

But how about earning more than $200/= a month ?

Is it a Myth?

NO !!

There are people earning Thousands of bucks monthly!

to do so you have to adopt a strategy by creating your Down Line

What is a Downline ?

One can create his down line by collecting Referrals under his name.

Who are Referrals?

Referrals are people like you and me. The are members of the PTC site.
When your referrals click on adds, automatically you earn income while they are also eaning.
Referrals are people click adds for you to earn income. That is your autopilot income.

Marvelous! isnt it?

There are two ways of getting fererrals

1.You can refer others to the site by using your referral link given to you by the PTC site.
2.You can rent referrals from the site by making a payment.

Paying money?
Is this another Money Sucking Program??

Dont come into hasty decisions.

PTC is not another Pyramid game

It is not illegal too

Jion now. It's absolutely free!!.

There are few simple steps to follow :

1.Open an email account- if you dont have one (gmail is preferred)

2. Get Registered with neobux (click on the Banner below)

3.Open an account with a Payment Processor - this is to get your income remitted to your local bank account or to get a cheque posted to your home. - (I prefer Alertpay because they are
more flexible). - Registration free! -

Neobux registration Process

click on the image to enlarge

**Be sure that you have entered lalith956 as referral, otherwise you will become an unknown persons referral, if that happens I will not be able to guide you through the profit earning process.

Ok, Now you have Joind the World famous PTC Program!

From now you can start earning

Login using your user name & password

(click on the image to zoom)

Then you will be here
Click on the red ball to open the add in a sepereate tab(Firefox) . After the time frame is ove
there will be a message at the top saying your account has been credited. Then close that tab
and go to the main page. Click the next add.

Thank you for being my referral

Click ALL the available adds

-------- And do the same on the next day -------

You might feel like the click income is very low. There are stategies to adopt for maximising income . I will guide you. through

Good Luck!